ROLE details

The Caravan & Motorhome Club

Job Title:
Senior Marketing Manager  

August 2016 – November 2020

Growth, Leadership and Performance

Responsibility for the integrated acquisitions & retention programme for one of the major B2C membership organisations in the UK travel and leisure industry.

  • Full ownership of the marketing strategy within a multi-channel campaign framework (including: PPC, SEO, website, paid social, programmatic display, affiliates, CRM, national press, TV, radio and PR).
  • Lead a team of seven talented Marketing Managers to create and implement holistic marketing strategies that deliver measurable commercial value to the business, by aligning with objectives and enhancing sales rates.
  • Work closely with Product Managers to ensure all strategies are supportive of the core sales objectives, articulate a strong proposition and deliver ROI.
  • Increase retention rates by creating a customer journey model, lifetime value model and engagement score to enhance and personalise communications, delivering a true ‘audience first’ approach (delivering content in context).
  • Adept at managing relationships with multiple external agencies and working collaboratively with internal stakeholders to successfully deliver business objectives through honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic.
  • Manage a budget in excess of £2.7m, from allocating funds to each cost centre to tracking expenditure.


Reversed Decline

Reversed an 8-year decline in membership numbers by devising a comprehensive performance strategy (growth of 7% in 2017, 5% in 2018 and 6% in 2019).

Increased Bookings

Significantly increased bookings through introducing an enhanced personalised communications strategy (booking rate increase of 4% in 2018 and 8% in 2019).

Reduced CPA

Successfully reduced blended CPA YoY through data-fuelled connection plans, and understanding roles of relevant channels by implementing attribution analysis.

Reversing a decline

“Lee was instrumental in bringing this Club back to growth. His data driven approach, delivery and influence was the wakeup call the business needed to implement change. Measurement and the ‘why’ was central to his output – letting the results do the talking. I can only take credit for hiring him – Lee did the rest. ”

Nick Lomas

Director General


A new name and logo was just the beginning – the intention was to bring the Club forward and align it with the current audiences. Appealing to the fasted growing leisure vehicle marketing, the motorhome, was obvious. The next step was to ensure all elements perpetuate an emotional message, rather than functional – tapping into a fact the user controls the experience and is free to enjoy that experience as they want.

They was proven extremely effective as all elements are at the forefront of consumers’ minds due to their soulful essence, creating strong and emotional brand associations.


No. of rebrands I have undertaken