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We are so impressed with the results we’ve seen so far and couldn’t be happier with Lee’s input. He truly is one of the most passionate and inspirational individuals we have ever had the pleasure of working with.
Daniel Harris
Commercial Director

Overview :

IKM is a complete service provider for the Energy Industry. Their wide range of services have made IKM quite unique as a complete service provider related to the Energy Industry on the NCS.

IKM are a leading, global service provider with a strong belief in the power of integration and collaboration to create opportunity. Partnering with me, IKM are also on the road to becoming a truly digital first business.

Case Study

Together, we are transforming the way they engage their audiences through cutting-edge digital and brilliantly effective creative, supported by intelligent practices and smart workflows. I helped IKM stand out in the competitive B2B services community.

Through embedding myself within IKM, I helped designed an audience-responsive global website with user experience at its heart, alongside a dramatically streamlined internal processes. I continue to work together to enhance the site and to ensure IKM stays ahead of the competition through client centric, digital innovation.