As a result of being made redundant during the COVID-19 pandemic, Quantvm was formed to ensure a continuation of my marketing career whilst looking to secure a new long-term role in full employment.

Purpose :

Connecting company ambitions and commercial objectives with successful marketing outcomes. Helping companies build competitive digital growth strategies delivering seamless customer experiences that maximise impact and conversion. Deep understand of performance marketing strategy and with an excellent record of delivering success for a wide range of clients and industries.


Working with clients to formulate an overarching growth strategy that aims to deliver against commercial objectives. Developing a KPI framework, setting objectives and defining success.


Designing and planning acquisition marketing strategy that deliver growth.


Create data-fueled Connections Plans with defined roles for relevant channels, defining the best working channels to grow the client’s user base


Reviewing touchpoints within a journey, using data to make recommendations for improvements and efficiencies.

Building a Team

Working with clients to get the structure right for them and laying the foundations to allow teams to solve problems that enable further growth

Data Analysis

From audience identification to a better understanding of the consumer, to defining digital strategies, to defend them, to uncover new targeting opportunities, to buy more efficiently, to prove the outcomes of a journey – data gives the insights that can be turned into actionable changes.