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We are so impressed with the results we’ve seen so far and couldn’t be happier with Lee’s input. He truly is one of the most passionate and inspirational individuals we have ever had the pleasure of working with.
Daniel Harris
Commercial Director

Overview :

The Urban List is a curated guide to the best of the best, providing trusted recommendations and inspiration to optimise life in the city and introducing their readers to the businesses and brands they love. Their content connects with 100,000+ influencers every day – a fresh, personable approach that is trusted, actioned and shared across multiple platforms and channels.

They are built on a foundation of supporting local businesses, and leveraging
digital content marketing to drive foot traffic through the doors.

Having built a regional audience of over 1 million they have become a viable proposition for agencies and brands looking to connect with that audience and tap into their internal content marketing expertise and skills.

It was now time to build a national approach – with ambitions objectives, how can The Urban List leverage what has been done locally on a national scale? Entering new markets and driving business growth.

Case Study

The Urban List are content marketing specialist – my task was to give guidance on how to build growth without losing that foundation of the business. This wasn’t a case of going back to basics – the basics were all there. This was how to leverage that core product. An exciting and successful project which we build out into 3 stages:

There was a core group of multi-skilled talent that built the business to where it was. We looked at what specialist skills would be required to deliver the growth – for example we looked at how we can make the content work better by using the skills of a SEO specialist. Or what was going to be needed in house to create a scalable platform.

The current team knew they couldn’t do it all. However, the difficult part was structing the teams in a way that kept to the core principles, but accountability was delegated throughout the expanding team and support agencies.

Here I worked with The Urban List to identify what the ultimate goal was –this was to leverage an audience for a B2B market. Therefore, first they had to build a loyal B2C audience within multiple regions to deliver a national approach. Using data to provide insight my job was to create a strategy that would be effective at delivering sustainable growth. Proving to the business that this audiences was not only loyal but could be actionable.

Once an overarching strategy was available – it was then time to get more granular. Here I gave channel recommendations ensuring all strategic recommendations can be translated across multiple territories. Then building deployment guidelines (precision audiences, targeting, buying and re-engagement mechanics) ensuring ROI was delivered and the KPI framework met.